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My practice spans between material and object design. I am profoundly inspired by raw natural materials, waste as a resource, color, traditional crafts and architectural design. Within the context of climate change and out of respect and admiration towards our natural environment , as a creator, I feel responsible to constantly be on the lookout for methods to create smart, not just beautiful, objects. Therefore, in my design process I do in-depth research, myriads of experiments, leave plenty of room for failure, accidents and randomness which I allow the to dictate an idea for a final product and shape it to a great extent. For location specific projects, I prefer to work with locally available materials and tools at hand. I believe that beauty may well be functional, too.



2023 | Soily | CoLab, Dubai Design Week | Dubai, UAE

2023 | Soily | Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens | Eindhoven, NL

2022 | Soily | Material District | Utrecht, NL

2020 | Ash Glaze research | Design Week LT | Kaunas, LT


2023 | FRAME 

2023 | Soily | Isola Design community website/gallery | Milan, IT

2022 | Soily | Material District online material library | Utrecht, NL


2022 | Ash glaze tiles | Private commission for stoneware tiles with ash glaze for the kitchen | Kaunas, LT


2020 | Ash glaze | Presented to KTDM second-year students | Kaunas, LT


design & material research

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